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“Omama” Estate 9th October 1909 – Murrumbeena


This is the second of 2 sales, the first was on the 22 of May 1909. Hover you cursor over the map for an enlarged view.




The was an earlier sale on the “Omama” Estate but the advertisments did not show the number of allotments. This second sale is of 28 allotments and a report in “The Herald” of the 14th of October 1909, page 6, proudly says that all lots had been sold and then the report goes on to list the names of the purchasers of each lot and what price they paid. Lot 2 sold to Mr. C. E. Paget of Melbourne for £2 a frontage foot, so I’m not sure what the pencil notation pointing to lot 2 means. The two large lots to the right of Lot 20 are now split with Joyous Gard Court and Astolat Avenue.

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